Note we have already sent the photo requested and have corrected the information as much as we can. Simon must have contributed to The Telegraph but to our recollection was an editor of the Daily Telegraph, neither was he a British citizen. Please just note the news about the upcoming exhibit.


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Sent: Monday, April 18, 2005 5:57 PM
To: hhakimi@........
Subject: FREEDOM FORUM REQUEST regarding Simon Farzami

I am writing to you from the Newseum,part of the FREEDOM FORUM organization  in 
Arlington Virginia and we are preparing for our Journalists Memorial exhibit at 
our new museum site in Washington D C.. We are seeking a PHOTOGRAPH of SIMON FARZAMI  
editor of THE DAILY TELEGRAPH until his death on December 16, 1980. Although we found a photo 
of Mr. Farzami on your website, we find the resolution of the photograph is not 
good enough to include in our exhibit.  
 The optimum photo would be 300 dpi at full size sent by email to me. However ANY 
photo made available to us would be greatly appreciated. See address below for 
mailing prints. Also we would need stated permission to use the photos in our 
exhibit. You can view what has been written on Mr Farzami and 
other journalists on our virtual memorial at  or click journalists 
Our Exhibit promises to be spectacular. It will consist of a great glass wall 
with the names and circumstances of death  etched into it. At the foot of the 
wall  there will be a kiosk where photos  of those listed can be accessed. Also 
there will be paneled photo-blowups as part of the exhibit. 
I am certain you will join me in recognizing the importance of this project.  
As it is, we have quite a moving ceremony every year on "World Press Freedom  
Day".  Friends and family of those listed come from the four corners of the 
earth to honor those who died bringing us the News.  I hope one day you will 
join us.
Thank you for your attention in this matter, I look forward to hearing from you 
Intl Dept 19th floor
1101Wilson Blvd. 
Arlingon Virginia 22209
Mon-Thur 10-3