Mozzafar-e-Din Shah On Board The Royal British Yacht, Portsmouth, 20 August 1902

This page is about a historical photograph of the Shah and his entourage during a State visit to England.  I was given a copy of the photograph below in the seventies by Manouchehr Hakimi in London which was partly responsible for putting this site together. The quality of the photograph copy was not good at all. For years my uncle and I had been looking for a better copy.  To cut a long story short I traced the origin of the photograph to the Windsor Archives from a book called "Sultans In Splendour".  The Windsor Archives or The Royal Archives hold the British Royal Family records  I wrote to them in early 2001 asking for a copy of this photograph and another document. It took a while for them to answer but in April this year they sent a copy of the photograph, a digitised copy of which is provided below.  A digitised copy of the Archive's catalogue entry appearing on the back of the photograph is also provided.  I am planning to provide a compressed version of the full size photo for those who would like to download it for printing. 

                                                                                                 Hamid, May 2001, London


The photo below was taken on 20th August 1902 in Portsmouth aboard the Royal British Yacht. Seated in the picture from left to right were His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales George V, His Majesty the Shah of Persia, Her Majesty Queen Alexandra, His Majesty King Edward VII and Her Royal Highness Princess of Wales Victoria.

Standing up from left to right:

   1. Hakim-el-Molk Grand Vazir Secretary of State for the Imperial Court
   2. Prime Minister of Persia Mirza Ali Asghar Khan Amin-al-Sultan Atabak e Azam
   3. Amir Bahador Hossein Pasha Khan (Minister of War) 
   4. Mirza Ebrahim Khan (later Hakim-el-Molk) Hakimi Physician to the Shah  (Mirza Mahmoud Khan's nephew and son in law)
   5. Hajeb-e-Doleh Davalou Qajar, Ebrahim Hakimi's maternal cousin (Pessar Khaleh)
- See Ebrahim's parents' page for information on the Davalou tribe.

The diamond on the cap of His Majesty Shah of Iran is the famous Darya e Noor or the Sea of Llight in Persian, it is the sister diamond to the Koh e Noor or Mountain of Light which is now part of the British Crown Jewels. The diamonds were originally brought to Iran by Nader Shah Afshar from India.  

Since this page was designed the full list of attendees has become available and is reproduced at the bottom of this page, the source is the book Persians Amongst the English by Sir Denis Wright Plate 15.

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Standing from left to right: Ala-ol-Saltaneh (Minister in the Persian Embassy in London), Seif-ol-Sultan, Hakim-el-Molk, Movassagh-el-Molk, Fakhr-el-Molk, Mirza Ali Asghar Khan Amin-al-Sultan Atabak e Azam (Prime Minister), Husseingholi Khan Navab, Amir Bahador (Minister Of War), Paul Ketabchi Khan, Vakile-e-Doleh, Mohandess-ol-Mamalek, Movassegh-ol-Molk, Doctor Ibrahim Khan (Ebrahim Hakimi, later Hakimal-el-Molk), Movassagh-e-Doleh, Doctor Sir Hugh Adcock, Hajeb-e-Doleh Davallou, Prince Arthur of Connaught and Doctor C Lindsey.