Rahim Hakimi "Moshir Homayoun"

Rahim Hakimi I (Moshir Homayoun I)
Rahim Hakimi
"Moshir Homayoun"
    کاظم حکیمی Kazem Hakimi GholamReza Hakimi
Taghi Hakimi
Homayoun Taj Hakimi

Kazem Hakimi
Moshir Homayoun II

Gholamreza Hakimi Moghbel ol Sultan

GholamReza Hakimi, his brother Kazem Hakimi Moshir Homayoun II and children, from the right Rahim, Mah Banou and Manouchehr

Rahim Hakimi Moshir Homayoun and children - GholamReza, Kazem and Homayoun-Taj

A branch of the Hakimis has been established in Shiraz since the late 19th / early 20th century. They are the descendents of Rahim Hakimi "Moshir Homayoun" who went to Shiraz to join his brother-in-law Moazzem-el-Molk. Moazzem-el-Molk was in the service of Qajar Prince Regent Shoa-ol-Saltaneh (early 20th century). Rahim also joined the prince's staff. Shoa-ol-Saltaneh later left Shiraz and turned against the movement for constitutional monarchy, in the end having to leave Iran with his brother the deposed king Mohammad Ali Mirza. Rahim Hakimi and his descendents stayed in this famous old Iranian city. They are very successful members of Shiraz community.

After Mohammad Ali Mirza Qajar was deposed, Ebrahim Hakimi known as Hakim-el-Molk at the time, was charged by the leadership committee of constitutionalist movement to clean up the Qajar Court, one of the first steps he took (after expelling the king's Russian tutor, which caused a major row with a colonial power) was to establish an all Iranian school for the juvenile king, Ahmad Shah Qajar. Ebrahim brought Zoka-el-Molk (later "Foroughi" one of the most learned, progressive minds in recent history) as the headmaster and Rahim's son, Kazem Hakimi Moshir Homayoun II attended this school along with other selected pupils.

My grandfather in his memoires gives a brief account of the above. The Persian text is opposite. It says he was born in 1902 on route from Shiraz to Tehran while his father was on a mission for Prince Regent. In fact his mother gave birth to him near Isfahan while travelling in litter.

He mentions that his father as secretary to the Prince Regent was obliged to travel with his family with the Prince which explains the manor of his birth.